Blind Ambition.ca is an exciting e-commerce website that allows ALL people with disabilities who are members to increase their income through Blind Ambition products. The further aim is to provide an opportunity for other charities and NGOs to increase their revenue as well as offering businesses an alternate advertising avenue for their goods and services at economical rates, generating exposure in a rapidly transformative retail marketplace.

Why we do what we do?

Blind Ambition was created because people with disabilities have the lowest per capita income and the highest unemployment of any group in Canada. 80% of charities have revenues less than $500,000 and 49% have revenues less than $100,000; research indicates that 68% of online shoppers make retail purchases outside of Canada despite the fact that Canadians are more likely to use the Internet than any other G20 nation. Blind Ambition focuses on keeping retail in the local Canadian market, improving the lives of merchants and shoppers alike.


When you purchase a Blind Ambition product, your membership tracks it and allows profits to go directly to the member. Payments are made electronically twice monthly to the member’s bank account, creating a steady income stream. Businesses can display Blind Ambition promotional materials and logo to show support with those with disabilities. A member business can link its Blind Ambition store page to the Blind Ambition web site to increase e-commerce sales and revenue. Blind Ambition promotes itself and its members through radio, newspaper, direct mail and social media. The Blind Ambition logo is at other events such as visits to schools’ and seniors’ homes through mobile eye clinics directed toward children and seniors.


Apogee was founded by the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) which was established in 1944 by veterans of both world wars. Apogee means reaching “the highest point” and for persons with disabilities, caregivers, charities, and businesses, Blind Ambition provides a path to reach their “highest point” through economic empowerment and revenue.